Who have you had to be?
What messages have you internalized over the years?
What experiences have shaped you?
Who are you now?

Are you living your life in alignment with your values?

Who do you hope to become in the future?

Are you ready to make that happen?

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What must be


I am most at peace in the intense moments of awakening, realization, and transformation. I am deeply empathic and highly intuitive. I have wisdom gained through my own story.

Think of me as your guide as you go deep into this moment to excavate how you arrived at this time in this place with this narrative. Then, let’s shift the perspective.

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We will connect through…
  • Messy, deep, soulful conversation
  • Quiet oceanside meditation
  • Fireside chats
  • Delicious food and gentle communion
  • Cards, tea, flowers, saltwater, books, music, coffee, chocolate, art

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  • Choose a 3-day Weekend Retreat or a 5-day Exploration
  • Travel and Lodging recommendations for Long Beach, CA will be provided

We begin with an hour-long conversation prior to your arrival. During this talk, we delve into the current stuck places, the true longings locked inside, and the ways in which you want your world to look different.

From there, we will exchange e-mail messages that help me better understand you. We will explore what draws you in and opens you up, barriers you have in place, and the ways to best support you.

I will then devise a flexible plan that offers intentional choices. I have found that during the retreat, it is best to have the freedom to move through each day, noticing your needs, and then finding all the ways your needs can be met. For those of you who are planners, the flexibility might seem challenging at first, so we can incorporate the structure you would like to feel secure.


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We will meet each day and plan to spend the majority of it together, typically late morning into early evening, doing the work. During the 5-day retreats, you will have some time on your own to explore the city, and absorb the process that you will move through.

The motion of the retreat is highly tailored to you. We will meet, enjoy good food, move around the city of Long Beach, spend time by the ocean, drive the PCH, and shift your world in the way you desire.

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Details coming soon!