Sometimes what we most need is wide-open space. A place where we can look at our shadows and move through the darkness, or maybe sit with the skin-crawling, chest-tightening agitation of anxiety, or wail as waves of grief wash over us.

Sometimes we need the connection to another who will hear our story and hold it sacred. 

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If you are longing to be heard, aching for connection, looking for a soul who will gracefully hold the pieces of your story as you place them side-by-side and try to make sense of what led you here and which way to go next and how to make sense of a world tossed upside down, then individual work may best serve you.

I can meet you within the walls of an office, sit beside you on the beach, or talk to you via technology from the comfort of our homes.

Wherever you are, we can find a way to join together and find meaning.

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Free first consult
  • Schedule your free 30-minute consult, to determine the best fit for your needs.
Sessions packages
  • Individual sessions are $200
  • 5 sessions for $875 ($175 ea.)
  • 10 sessions for $1600 ($160 ea.)
  • 15 sessions for $2250 ($150 ea.)
Monthly packages
  • $375/month. Includes two 60-minute sessions plus email support in between.

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Gift cards are available for purchase here.

All purchases are non-refundable.

Monthly packages may be canceled prior to the beginning of the next month.