Many of us heal through creativity. We require music and paint and pens to access the parts of ourselves that ache to be seen, yet often go unnoticed. We need to rewrite our stories with a fresh pen and a new narrative. I offer the guidance and support that you need in order to heal

Wellbeing is about moving through pain to a place of meaning and contentment.

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I offer an intuitive and creative approach to counseling. As a highly visual person, I see your story as if it were a puzzle. I listen, visualize the puzzle pieces as they currently lie, and then help you reconstruct the puzzle to create a life of meaning and contentment. I will work with you as you incorporate the creative mediums that best help you.

I find that I am most helpful with those experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, and chronic health conditions.  Some of my most rewarding work has been with cancer survivors and their families, and with those facing end of life. I am honored to sit with the bereaved and offer a wide-open space to process loss. In addition, I love digging in deep during life transitions and helping others navigate their way.

I am a seeker of connection, thus my focus on connecting mind, body, and spirit.

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I am an ally for those facing oppression related to race, sexual orientation, and gender identity, and those who have survived sexual assault. I offer an affirming, welcoming, safe space where we can both learn, grow, and make positive changes. I wholeheartedly advocate for equity, reparations, and justice.

Life is messy. We are all finding our way through.

I am most at peace in the moments of awakening, realization, and transformation.

I have a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Purdue University. I have worked as a psychologist, healer, speaker, writer, and educator in hospitals, primary care, universities, and private practice. I am honored to join you on your journey and value collaboration, truth, and compassion.

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