How are you spending your time?

Our lives move forward even when we are not paying attention. The minutes, days, years pass, and sometimes we do not even notice until the next holiday or birthday comes along. Each day seems to slip into another, and before we know it, we have aged, and the world has changed.

Lately, with more days at home and less distraction, you might be experiencing moments where all the days feel compressed together, and there is no distinction from one to the next. Or, you may have a greater awareness of exactly where you are in life and are wondering how you got here. For many, it seems like time has taken on a new definition and we are experiencing it quite differently from the days of the past.

How are you spending your time?

Are you achieving good balance between…

Productivity and Reflection?

Comfort and Challenge?

Striving and Resting?

Connection and Solitude?

What is working for you and what is not with how you spend your time? Reflect on your day and make conscious choices to spend your moments in the way that works best for you to achieve mental and physical health.

Remember small steps lead to success. Take one small step this week and commit to it for the next month. Soon you will find the ease you need to be flexible with your time and spend it wisely.

Contact me if you are interesting in counseling to better help you make use of your time.

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